The Way to the Gerhard Neumann Museum - Interview with Mr. Josef Voggenreiter

Gerhard Neumann was born in Frankfurt / Oder (Germany) on October 8, 1917. After sometimes adventurous years in Asia, he emigrated to the USA in 1946; there "Herman the German" - also the title of his autobiography - became engineer at General Electric in 1948 and later he was promoted to be the new manager of the engine-sector.

One of his biggest achievements is the J79, the first jet-engine that enabled Mach 2 and was the engine of the F-104 Starfighter and also of the F-4 Phantom. He got 8 patents, for example for "variable stators", and got awarded several times in the USA, France and Germany (Otto-Lilienthal-medal).
Gerhard Neumann died at the age of 80 in 1997.

Josef Voggenreiter, steel-engineer, has been fascinated by aircrafts since his childhood. He spent the biggest part of his time as aircraft-mechanic (at the squadron 74 "Mölders" in Neuburg an der Donau) with the F-104. At that time the basic idea of this fascinating collection developed.

The meeting of both men led to the founding of the Gerhard Neumann Museum in 2000. The emphasis of the exhibition is on four Starfighters in several variations. The former "enemy" from times of the Cold War can also be seen: a MiG-21.

The pre-prototype of the Eurofigther (fuselage / central part; German manufacturing) and the Lampyridae, the pre-prototype of a German "stealth"-jet which was developed and tested as top-secret-project by the MBB company at the end of the 80s are examples of new exponates. The Lampyridae is absolutely unique!